i miss mariko-sama


Maeda Atsuko attended announcement production of "The Sun 2068" film presentation.
The staged on July 7 in Tokyo Bunkamura Theatre Cocoon .

Sailor NyanNyan \\(“,)

AKB48, Iriyama Anna starring her first (horror) movie. The movie based on popular live-action free game software “Blue Demon”
Published on the National Human Trust Cinema Shibuya other than July 5 movie “Blue Demon “

Kojima Haruna - Fundraising Project Kami 7 Reinstatement




To all Kojima Haruna Fans around the world, just as what the title says, the aim of this fundraising project is to collect money to buy votes for KojiHaru for AKB48’s upcoming 6th Election.

Many say that this might be the last election that Haruna will participate in, so…

Watanabe Mayu (20)

Shimazaki Haruka (20)

Matsui Jurina just 17 year old and act like act like that, it’s …..

() Juriinnaaa puppy

which one is your favorite sailor?

When Paruru look at you (into your eyes)

looks like Miorin was afraid of dogs

Haruna Onechan ^^ hold Miorin’s hand

( ^ω^)

( ^ω

"Alice" in wonderland ^^ Dare?

"Alice" in wonderland ^^ Dare?

cute clinging minami ^^

Handshake event at Nagoya Dome with SKE48 and HKT48. There some games and exchange local souvenir.

Happy to see Jurina more playing than working too hard (0_0) Jurina had arm muscles

(Source: oricon.co.jp)

"Milk Planet"

Happy Birthday Kojima Haruna ^^

no Yuko and Mariko… Nyan-Nyan for Jurina (>o<)/

"precious" expression of Yukirin because 1 strawberry